Who are we?

Who are we?

Our mission

Beyond the monuments and famous museums, Paris is a city in constant turmoil. Thousands of artisans ply their trade with passion.

My Urban Experience hire its guides and produce his own tours in Paris in diverse and varied fields to enable you to enjoy experiences which are rich in meetings and exchanges.

Guides are eager to share their passion and their expertise.

Our commitments

  • Rates intended to be affordable to a wide audience.
  • Walking time designed to be accessible to all ages.
  • Guides are employed by the company, they are selected for their professionalism and their ability to share their knowledge and passion.
  • Partnerships with craftsmen to promote their art, valuing their expertise.
  • My Urban Experience and its guides do not receive any commission on the sales that the craftsmen would realize with our customers.

Our team

Jean-Baptiste Delsuc, co-founder 15 years of experience in tourism, as MD of Tour Operator

Nicolas Vauvillier, co-founder 15 years of experience as a web entrepreneur (Keepschool, ReseauCampus, 1001maquettes)

Joel Galopin, co-founder 20 years of experience in the management of Incoming agencies